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Events in the New York City Area

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Events Outside the New York City Area

Listed below are events for the elder justice community scheduled to take place outside of the New York City Area. These events are not listed on the sidebar calendar.

Webinar- Elder Abuse: The Impact of Undue Influence

Tuesday, June 27

2:00-3:00 pm EST

Perpetrators of financial exploitation and other forms of elder abuse may exert undue influence to control the decision-making of their victims. Learning to recognize signs of undue influence will help legal and aging network service providers prevent or redress elder abuse and enhance victims’ access to justice. Lori Stiegel and Mary Joy Quinn, nationally recognized experts on elder abuse and undue influence, will present an advanced webinar to help legal and aging network professionals understand the dynamics and indicators of undue influence, and the relationship of this psychological process to elder abuse and guardianship. During this training, Lori will discuss the concept and its connection to capacity and consent, tactics and process, and legal remedies. Mary Joy will provide an example of how undue influence is defined in California law and share an undue influence screening tool for Adult Protective Services that lawyers and other professionals should be aware of and can use in their own practice.

To register for the webinar, visit here.

Webinar- The Hidden Nature of Elder Abuse

Tuesday, July 25th 

1:00-2:00 pm EST

Few elder abuse cases enter the court labeled as crimes.  Instead, elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation most often appear as underlying factors in a variety of civil, family and probate cases.  This webinar discusses the hidden nature of elder abuse and how court and justice agencies can develop resources and tools to identify and improve their responses to elder abuse. Brenda K. Uekert (Ph.D.), Principal Court Research Consultant at the National Center for State Courts, has worked extensively in the areas of elder issues, domestic violence, and problem-solving courts.  She is the founder and director of NCSC’s Center for Elders and the Courtsa national resource to the courts on aging issues, elder abuse, and guardianship. To register, visit here.

28th Annual National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) Conference

August 28 – 30, 2017

8th Annual Summit on Elder Financial Exploitation
August 31, 2017

Primary Conference Partner
Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Hilton City Center | Milwaukee, WI

Additional information on the conference can be found here. For information on proposing a workshop for the conference, visit here.

Elder Mistreatment: Understanding Abuse and Neglect

Monday, August 28- Friday, September 29, 2017

The American Society on Aging (ASA) and the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology are offering a new five-week online educational course on understanding elder mistreatment. USC faculty members will explore how to recognize elder mistreatment; victim and abuser characteristics; risk and protective factors; the relationship of elder mistreatment to other types of family violence; clinical presentation in different settings; and what professionals can do when faced with mistreatment. This course starts August 28, and enrollment is now open.

Successful participants in each of the courses earn a certificate of completion from USC, and can elect to receive CEUs from select accreditation providers.

To learn more and register, visit here.