Mission Statement

Through its partners and programs, NYCEAC seeks to prevent abuse, and assist people 60 and over who are abused or at risk of abuse – as well as their family members, friends, neighbors, caregivers, and witnesses – by helping to improve how professionals, organizations and systems respond to their needs. NYCEAC, through its extensive collaborative network:

  • Provides immediate case reviews, planning and coordination; case consultations; assessments and interventions; and referrals to assist the abused elderly throughout NYC.
  • Responds to community needs and publicly promotes an ageist-free approach to programs.
  • Collaborates with government and non-profit organizations to assist with the development of effective policies impacting on elder abuse victims and their families.
  • Serves as a resource for national and international organizations by offering case consultations, educational opportunities, advocacy, research and speakers.
  • Employs technology through various methods including a website, virtual conferences, automated tracking and research tools, accommodations for hearing and vision impaired and access to interpreters for multiple languages.
  • Receives guidance and expertise from its Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from key government and non-profit organizations.

Vision Statement

The NYC Elder Abuse Center, a leader in redefining the approach to and understanding about elder abuse, will be recognized as an organization in which professionals from various government and non-profit organizations will work in partnership to guarantee that elders live with dignity and well being, free from abuse and neglect.