The Manhattan Elder Abuse Case Consultation and Review Team (EACCRT) is an interdisciplinary group of over 40 NYC professionals from a broad spectrum of public and not-for-profit organizations.

Some members of EACCRT, April 2011 – Seated (left to right): Sasha Greene, UFT; Robin Roberts, NYCEAC; Risa Breckman, WCMC, NYCEAC; Agnes Halarewicz, Next Stage Senior Care Services; Audrey Dicken, HRA APS. Standing (left to right): Catilin Greene, New York County District Attorney’s Office; Nancy Simmons, The Carter Burden Center for the Aging; Ariella Beer, JASA LEAP Program; Marcus Nathanson, Columbia Presbytrian Hospital; Ken Onatis, The Carter Burden Center for the Aging; Ronnie LoFaso, WCMC, NYCEAC; Edward Ma, Asian American Community Center; Oscar Straus, VOLS; Carmen Hernandez, HRA APS; Zach Addison, The Vera Guardianship Project; Gin Lee, ISSAC.

These professionals, representing diverse fields (e.g., social work, medicine, law, nursing and psychiatry) and systems (e.g., criminal justice, health care, mental health, adult protective services, aging network) meet five times per year for 1.5 hours at different locations throughout Manhattan. Usually 2-3 cases are discussed at each meeting and at times follow-ups on previous cases are also discussed. Attendance is voluntary.

EACCRT membership is open to any professional representing an organization serving older adults residing in Manhattan. For more information, please contact NYCEAC’s Elder Abuse Prevention Specialist/MDT Coordinator, Peg Horan, LMSW, at or at (212) 746-7211.

Organizations currently represented on EACCRT:
  • Americare
  • APS
  • Asian Amercian Community Consultation Association
  • Atria
  • Brookdale Center of Healthy Aging and Longevity
  • Carter Burden Center on Aging
  • Columbia Presbyterian
  • DFTA
  • Family Court Mental Health Services
  • Fordham University
  • Indochina Sino-American Community Center
  • JASA
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Manhattan DA’s Office
  • Next Stage Senior Care Services
  • NY Geriatric Care Managers
  • NYPH
  • NYS Family Court Systems
  • One Stop Senior Services
  • Queens Legal Services for the Elderly
  • Safe Horizon
  • Self Help
  • Unified Court System
  • United Federation of Teachers
  • Vera Institute
  • Village Care
  • VOLS
  • Weinberg Center
  • WCMC